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Lewes Borough's November 5th

PLEASE NOTE: 5th November this year is on a Tuesday Night

Lewes Borough Processions Times (Please note these times are all approximates)

5:30PM - BARREL RUN Smugglers will race from White Lion Lane, (Bottleneck) up to The Black Horse Inn.

6:10PM - FIRST PROCESSION Members will assemble in Westgate Street (White Lion Lane) and slowly march in darkness to the War Memorial. The Borough Brass Band will play the Death March as members make their way down the High Street towards the War Memorial to lay the society’s wreath. The Last Post is played followed by a one minute silence and the Reveille will be sounded.

6:30PM - SECOND PROCESSION From the War Memorial members of the Society will march, with torches blazing, to the sound of Sussex by the Sea, via the High Street back to the society’s headquarters in White Lion Lane.

7:20PM - THIRD PROCESSION Members will assemble in White Lion Lane and march with burning torches via the High Street to St Anne’s Crescent to join Commercial Square, Waterloo and Southover Bonfire Societies for the United Grand.

8:25PM - FOURTH PROCESSION, TOWN PROCESSION From St Anne Crescent the Society will proceed via Western Road to Westgate Street where the Societies illuminated banners will enter the procession and continue down the High Street to the bottom of School Hill. The Borough will proceed through the Precinct to Cliffe Bridge where the traditional Burning Tar Barrel will be hurled into the river. Returning via Railway Lane we will then proceed back up School Hill to the High Street and on to our headquarters at the YMCA in White Lion Lane.

9:30PM (Approx) - THE LEWES BOROUGH GRAND! Members will assemble in White Lion Lane and march via the High Street, St Annes Hill, Western Road and Nevill Road to the fire site at Landport Bottom (Motor Road), where a Grand Firework Finale and the bonfire will be ignited.

SIXTH PROCESSION, AFTER THE GRAND FIREWORK DISPLAY Society members will assemble outside the fire site and proceed to the headquarters in White Lion Lane via Nevill Road, Western Road and St Anne’s Hill.

11:30PM - FINAL PROCESSION – THE GRAND FINALE! For the final time members will assemble in White Lion Lane and march down the High Street, around the war memorial and back up to the Law Courts (opposite the White Hart Hotel. Here the traditional Bonfire Prayers will be said followed by Auld Lang Syne and God Save the Queen.

Road Closures & Travel Restrictions

Road Closures in place from 4pm untill 1am Coming soon any road closures & travel restrictions.

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